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Organic black beans

Long, long ago (2009), in a land far, far away (Alaska) a lucid princess (WAPF Chapter Leader Paula Runyan) introduced me to a magical chocolate cake made from black beans. I know, it sounds as strange as a frog prince…but the beans are instantly transformed into a handsome cake! Here are a few notes on my version of this enchanted dessert.

The sweetener for this cake is coconut palm sugar. Our co-op has recently begun carrying it in bulk. I was excited to try it and like the results. It can be directly substituted for whole cane sugar (Rapadura) and has a similar – slightly molasses – flavor.

The filling recipe also calls for the beans of whole vanilla pods. They are an eye-catching way to use the tiny beans. If you don’t have ready access to vanilla beans simply substitute one teaspoon of vanilla extract for one vanilla bean.

This cake is complete with filling and frosting. For a simplified dessert bake the cake, cool, and serve. It’s a treat even without the decadent filling! The complete cake is great for special occasions (frog prince anyone?) or for everyday celebrations of gluten-free, nutrient-dense, whole foods – happily ever after!

Recipe for Black Bean Chocolate Cake with Cocoacream Filling

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